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The awesome Nicolas Demare took my Ivy sketch, inked it and (water)coloured it . Seriously, this guy is great.  That is something I really really can’t do, so I’m even more impressed by the result.

Makes me want to try it!

1 year ago on 09/21/12 at 09:25pm

Quick Ivy color sketch

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Ivy sketch as an excuse to post a thank you note for 1000 followers! You are awesome, that makes me want to draw more! =)

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2 years ago on 06/18/12 at 02:22am

•My last little chick for the first post here. I’ll try to update as often as i can, with photos, wip, news, and many more things.

•Ma derniere nenette en date histoire de pas poster à vide ici. Je mettrais à jour le plus souvent possible, pas que des gribous, des photos, des trucs, des machins.

See ya!

4 years ago on 08/31/10 at 11:52pm