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Sorry, browsing through the old stuff. Again :D

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Browsing through folders. Old stuff

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I’m a little overwhelmed with work lately, and it’s usually the time when I want to do so much personal stuff. Here’s a wip, I’ll hopefully post steps as soon as I can find a little time to work on it :D


Don’t forget, there’s still my print giveaway going on! A week left!

1 year ago on 03/05/13 at 08:46pm

"sketches" (more refined than usual), and a Batgirl. Since people have been asking, I usually start my pictures from that. I’ll post progress as soon as I can.

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1 year ago on 07/01/12 at 09:51pm

Ivy sketch as an excuse to post a thank you note for 1000 followers! You are awesome, that makes me want to draw more! =)

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1 year ago on 06/18/12 at 02:22am

A little wip

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1 year ago on 06/13/12 at 01:11am

WIP - To prove I’m not that lazy! (I need to finish this before ME3 is released in Europe though! =p )

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2 years ago on 03/06/12 at 10:06pm